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Sunday, 5 April 2015

Man in Melbourne attacks customers in coffee shop with a knife - Melbourne Seige

John - Christopher - Sunol

this would be a very frightening things to happen with the terror attack in the Sydney Siege just back a couple of months ago in Martin Place in December 2014

This man was only a domestic issue and if this is not mentally ill he needs the harshest punishment by the victorian courts you can get as he is doing this in times of crises and with the Sydney Siege only a couple of months earlier people start to panic

I only pray that the porper and appropriate decisions are made in the victorian court systems. 

I feel that he Victorian courts need to treat this very carefully when he ends up before the courts as that is what all decent people in Australia expect. Considering the Sydney Siege of only a couple of months ago this is NOT THE TIME FOR SUCH ACTIONS. and this is now before the courts as that is where the Victorian Police will make sure he goes. 

We are in times of crises and every time an event of such happens it will make big news and we do not need any copy cat - all copy cats need to be treated appropriately before our justice systems when they are taken in by the Police. 

and I tell all zgeekers this message still stands (Please all note - one of these videos I took down due to my realising it was only made in anger at people who were defaming but time, but others who were my enemies deliberately stole it and put it back online to discredit me. I was before and am now genuine, this bunch of zgeekers who attacked me are just as bad as those that took me to court on lies) I am going to try and get back my taxi authority eventually and undo the damage these people done to me by being liars


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this is very interesting as it is not from me, but from others who promote me without my knowledge online

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Date and time of posting - 5/4/15 - 22.00

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