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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Greece Nazi occupation: Athens asks Germany for €279bn

John - Christopher - Sunol

Greece Nazi occupation: Athens asks Germany for €279bn

The occupation of Greece finished in 1945, now it is 2015, It is now 70 years later and all things have changed, 

Hardly even anyone who was involved in this atrocity would be alive today as a person born on the day that world war 2 had finished would be no younger than 70 years of age. Which makes it the criminals who were involved with the atrocities of this time would have since passed away.

So I think it is to long and it is a long shot for Greece to be able to get these claims now. Today things are altogether  and for repatriations for war damages today I think that this is left to long. There is a houseboy time that a person can sue another person for repatriations and this would be the case under civil law. 

We have other far more important things to worry over today that court cases over past war damages considering not many people who were part of the Nazi war atrocities of world war 2 would be alive today. 

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