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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Cuba-U.S. Relations: From Cold War Frost to a New Thaw

John - Christopher - Sunol

Cuba-U.S. Relations: From Cold War Frost to a New Thaw

Like North Korea - Cuba has been a hard line socialist state under the revolutionary Fidel Casto after the Bay of Pigs in April  1961 - since then it has always been anti United states and antagonistics towards the west, much similar to north Korea - since the fall of the soviet Union in 1989 Cuba has really been on its own but it could be starting to ally up with enemies of its old enemy the United states (from the Middle East) and that is very dangerous, even more dangerous that the Bay or Pigs in April  1961 or the Cuban Missile Crisis in October 1962

My comments

the world is changing and changing rapidly, some say to the better but I say that it could be more dangerous than during the heights of the cold war of the 20th century : 1946-1990 as not only the soviet Union and the United states and a few other countries like China, France, Britain, Pakistan, India and Israel have the technology for atomic weapons, now a whole host of Rogue states have the same technological expertise and this sis very dangerous. In April 1961 with the Bay or Pigs it was only the old Soviet Union under Nikita  Khrushchev aiming at the United states which was 
John F Kennedy as president so it had fewer players than now. Cuba is all part of this changing world and it is changing as well. 

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