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the John Sunol Daily - all my Court cases - linkes - in this blog entry - all attacks on me by link

An online paper that was made up in my name back in 2009 when I got onto the net first with my You Tubes. This has not been looked at for a couple of years but i am putting this back onto my web site as this is from an internet base showing items from my followers of my old twitter accounts

(Note all the first twitter account on this was hacked into and others set me up 

so I started a second twitter account and it now has twice as many followers as the first. 
Note I have also been blocked out of the first as hackers done this to me to shut me up


I am not going to shut up and I will continue on whether these people who took me to court on false accusations and told lies to the Ministry of transport to case me to loose my taxi authority)

I now have a new twitter accunt as I had hackers get into my old blogs and take them down for me. 

I speak on very controversial topics as that is my nature and always ahve and always will. 

This is my John Sunol Daily accounts

My comments

This was done to get use to the internet back in 2009 but I am putting this back online and putting out the items as they get sent to my email so that all may see the news as I put it online and I give my comments

these couple of You Tubes I put on this shows the attacks upon me. 

Please note !!!

All my other you tubes were hacked into and people put false complaines to you tube to get them deleted. \

Within a short time I will put the You Tubes back online and add them to this entry which i will add to all of the time from now on !!!

Attacks upon me
Court cases I was set up on and lost because others told lies over adn was set up on

This is by the activist attacking me to shut me up from what I speak on. 
The great thing is that I have not shut up even yet after all of this and I refuse to as these people attacking me are only doing this for a political reason and out of spite aqnd hatred

As we can see if we disect this all of my attacks have progressed over the years and I just will not take responsibility for any of this. It is attacks upon me and political attacks which I resufe to state that this was anything but a scam job and a set up. 

I need say no more over this but

If you go into it and dissect this arrangement of cases you will see

this started in 2005 and got heavier as the years went on. in 2006 I had two cases, then in 2012 I had 3 cases but in 2014 it went out of hand and went to 9 cases - far outstripped every other year

Now take note at what is going to happen in 2015 as I have a case conference on Feb 11 and another couple of cases coming up from Burns. This is to be seen

We can see how the people really want to shut me up with this.

I have had stories on me from the media over these cases above

1. ABC 2014-09-24 - 1
2. ABC 2014-09-24 - 2
3. ABC 2012 -11-12 - 3
4. Newcastle Herald Fairfax - 1
5. Newcastle Herald Fairfax - 2
6. Newcastle Herald Fairfax - 3
7. Newcastle Herald Fairfax - 4
8. Newcastle Herald financial review - 5
9. Equal Marriage rights -  facebook - 6 
10. Garry Burns articles on me loosing my taxi authority - 7
11. Garry Burns own web page - 8
11. Garry Burns setting up another case against me - Feb 9, 2011
12. My blog articles to show all Newcastle Herald articles on me
13. More articles on me by Jeff Corbett from the Newcastle Herald
14. More articles on me from the Administrative Law over the Mardi Gras
15. Gay activists complaints on me from the United states
16. Another man writes against me on Garry Burns statements, James McIntyre
17. Article from  case of the NSW supreme court on me in a bid to stop postings of vilification
18. I stood for elections in Newcastle in September 2008, article from Monday Sept 8 2009
19. Newcastle City Council elections I stood for in 2008
20. Posts and Emails I made back as far as 2001 over the homosexual issues taken from media files, nine network
21. Article taken from 1998 from the newcastle Herald over my own activities. 
22. More on my 2008 candidacy for council elections
23. Sunols comments from Rod Squak or Rod Swift in my early days'
24. From November 1 2011

I will add more attacks on me as they come to my notice online
This is how the left wing femenist trearr you when you reject their equal rights on sexuality policies. 

I leave this open for the whole world to see how the feminist left wing and socialist movements are pushing an agenda which I am talking of. This is why they want to shut me up


Click here !!! -  more articles on this 

blog topic !!! - 3 more articles !!!

Reasoning for this blog 

Main article for this blog

this happening today with Isis is just as bad if not worst than what a
 full 6 year war was fought 
over from 1939-45 which ended up in the Atomic bomb being used for the first time

So we have no choice but to go to war against Isis on the same length and this is all
 out full scale to the very end

Note all this entry to be added to 

regularly as extra information comes 


Date and time of posting - 6/2/14 - 18.30

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