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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Isis burns Jordanian Pilate alive - !!!

Isis Burns a Jordanian Pilate captured 

on You Tube in a cage - then puts this 

on You Tube

this is war crimes and it is just as bad if not worst that world war 2 was fought to rid, Hitler, Japanese under Tojo, Mussolini and others like that are the same as this. We need an all out war now and every Isis member needs to be rounded up and thrown in prison camps. 

This is world war 3 if not close to it and no peace treaty, or let up can be had in times like this with Isis

All forms of negotiations are no longer plausable or appropriate. The only appropriate action to Isis after this is all out war to the very end. Isis must be destroyed and wiped out by all means and if that means war then so be it. 

International orders should go out that all members of Isis are hunted down world wide by the allies and thrown in prison (same as during world war 2 with the Japense and the Germans/Iralians with the horrors that came out of that.)

I would like to let Isis know if they read this blog of min e I am a dedicated enemy to your group and i will write against you online all of the time.

When we get attrocities like this there is only way to answer and that is all out war.

I will say no more on this but promise all that I will write on this as it comes up in the news and put news articles and you tubes on my messages so that if you foolow me you see numbers of different article from various sources so that you can see swhat we are fighting. 

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Reasoning for this blog 

atrocities of 
this happening today with Isis is just as bad if not worst than what a full 6 year war was fought 
over from 1939-45 which ended up in the Atomic bomb being used for the first time

So we have no choice but to go to war against Isis on the same length and this is all out full scale 
to the very end

Date and time of posting - 4/2/14 - 19.30

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