Saturday, 21 February 2015

I will be appealing to get back my a taxi authority in 2015 and to over turn a decision not to grant a bus liscence

From  - John Christopher Sunol

I will take this back to the courts to overturn this decision of Sept 2014 due to it being a wrong decision based on lies told by others who set me up in the courts systems

I will say no more on this until later on this year or next year in 2016 after everything is gone through the courts and a decision is reached on an appeal. 

All I will say is that I should not have lost this casee as i was set up and framed by lies told by political activists which the cases below represent some of them.

If you want to see more look up Burns vs Sunol and Collier vs Sunol cases getting well known in the NCAT systems of tribunals. This also happened when I was driving Taxis people told plain straight out black lies to undermine me and cause me to loose my authority cards. 

I will say no more but just wait and see what happens as the year goes on later on in 2015

My comments

M y cases are a good example of how unfair the Tribunal systems and the Civil courts can be when people tell lies and they are listened to by the authorities and courts. 
I will never accept fault and that is the way it is. 

The whole scenarios of me being taken to court over vilification with both Henry Collier as far back as 2005  right through to Garry Burns in 2014 is all  political attack on me, I was framed with lies by others and I will never accept fault. This is the ends a left wing feminist homosexual lobbying aligned with the Gay and lesbian rights lobby will go to defame a person who speaks out against issues that they adhere to on sexuality from a political basis. I have undergone the whole lot and I am still up and fighting, It is on the power of God that is within me by my Christian faith and belief systems I am not gone mad in a nut house due to all this persecution I have had on me by liars and political lobbyings since 2005. 

I am going to try and overturn all of this in the courts so just wait, watch and see for yourself. 
I will write more on this as it comes to pass !!!

I will overturn this !!! through the courts !!!



these are decisions that went against me in the year 2014 only. I was set up and  lost these due to the lies told against me, 

this is bad, it is not good and this is how the Christians are being persecuted for speaking out against Same sex marriage, but I will not stop this man is a liar who took me on this. 

This person even told lies to get me to loose my taxi authority as it gives in one of the decisions outlines as above. 

I will never accept fault as i do not villify and I am not a homophobe, that is all a lie and i am appealing all of this. 

This man who took me to court is a straight out plain liar and a theif 

I do not have the money to pay him and I am bankrupt so he can go and jump if he wants money as he ain't going to get it. 

I own my home, I have a job I start next week but thanks to the foresight in the pass none of this in my name so it is safe and any extra money I get from the work I am going to put into others names to make it that I do not and will not pay the man who took me to court on these above cases in the past and stole money. 

This all came out of this decision back in 2005 which I still do not recognise as anything but fraud and lies put against me. 

that is all i have to say on this matter for now

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