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Thursday, 31 December 2015

What does Nostradamus prophecy for the new years right now, 2016/17



Nostradamus is a famour histroric Phrophet who was NOT of God
made some marvelous propehcies which I do not follow Nostradamus fully as I 
beleive in Gods word and Nostradaums was NOT Gods word 


he has a number of issues which do come to pass

My own comments on these issues

I heard about this man back in the 20th century 1980's and 90's and he does put some interesting prophetic evens on so I think it is worth looking at what he has to say but do not 
take if for Gospel as he lived in the 14th (21st December 1503-2nd July 1566)  Century and had his transcripts translated from his own native tongue French of these days. 

Nostradamus would have lived just after the times of Christopher Columbus (1451-1506) and the discovery of the new world) 

I wish 

Garry B is NOT the problem, the problem is far bigger than just Garry B in the
 Burns vs Sunol cases. Garry is only a Patsy (or in more academic terms "Fall Guy"
using me as a cover up for the real party wanting to push their Left Wing Femenist polititics onto all Australians, I found out this as David Shoebridge turned up at the Burns vs Sunol cases on the 12th November 2015 which was over calling the definition of homosexuality sin an offence of villification, Homosexuality must be recognised as an alternative way of living and given the same rights in all areas as Hetrosexuals (The Green party whome Shoebreidge is part of, want legislation to state what THIS SAIS and to call homosexuality sin is villification, it is an alternative lifestyle so they are using Burns vs Sunol of November 12 2015 to try and set case law. That is why I beleive David Sheobridge was present in support of Garry Burns - I definetely do not agree with the Green and left wing definition of homosexaulity, as Homosexuality is Sin in Gods eyes and same sex marriage is pure wickedness which will bring down Gods wrath and judgement on all who venture into this. 

I beleive THIS is heresy and Gods wrath will shurely come upon all who accept this. 

I say keep away as you do not know where you are going if you venture into same sex marriage and will come under the wrath of God. 

My case of Burns vs Sunol in November 12 2015 wasnt to re-define this in case law and it is the Greens and affiliates with the use of David Sheobridge - a human rights lawyer, majistrate of family law courts and a Green - homosexual supporter who is the real target. Garry Burns is only'the ""Fall Guy" or "patsy" the Greens are using via David Sheobridge to get this case law in place and doing it unethicaly. Garry is teh Green Australian Green Parties fall Guy by the use of David Sheobridge

I come direct against both the Green Party and the GLRL and affiliate groups as they are the real trouble, not Garry. 

If Garry suddenly got sick and passed away, or became unable to take me to court, it would still go on as someone else would come in. 

The main problem is far bigger than Garry, It is the GLRL and all affiliated groups which are seeking for equal rights in the Political world for the Marriage equality and homosexual rights groups. 

They see an excellent opportunity is allowing Garry to gain the Qutos in taking John Sunol, and the others to court to set case law and they are the ones backing and supporting him. They are even controlling him. 

This is totaly unacceptable as why should they even be allowed to use a man with social and mental problems to abuse the law like he does and set case law for them.

I delcare all out open warefare with all members of the Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby and all affiliated groups that work for social change and social justice. 

They have one big enemy in me and me knowing this I am not willing to come to consensus with these groups as I see them as being evil and the nemisis of society. I have a duty unto the General person in the public to oppose them on all levels. 

Even as far back as the start of these cases in the Collier vs Sunol cases, it was not Henry Collier who was a very controversial figure and very eccentric - to most decent human beings. 

It was this group using and abusing  Henry to set their policy structures and 
pre-cendents in case law so the they could push for political change. This is what they have succeeded in doing but no more as I am very aware of this and I will make it my duty not to ever give in not apologize any more and not stop  writing aht I have to write. i intend to tell the whole world the truth over these matters. 

I have a duty under God to do just this and that I am dedicated for, 

If you wish to contact me: 

I do not beleive that John M is one person, it is a Psuedo name which a number of people are using to attack me with - this is what the comments on my videos are from a John M - this also goes for those under the name of Beanie Hynes adn Mr Shiny Pants - all of whome write adverse comments on me not related to my videos - I lost control of being able to delete these comments - which come from Stalkers who want to destroy me -  but untill I get this control and I am able to delete these comments - please ignore all adverse comments on me as I am constantly under attack by troble makers and cyber thugs due to the controversity of my messages and personal hates to me by those on a political bias

Please take note all: I have adverse comments on a number of my you tubes, this is only people attacking me and none of this is true - I lost control of being able to delete these comments but when I regain control these adverse comments will all be deleted emediatly

where all my you tubes when made up go onto at first

I wish to state that if anyone things that anything I write villifies or 
harasses anyone then that is not what I mean to do. It is not right 
and I am not taking ownership of any such statements. 

This blog is NOT to harrass, villify or do anyother thing that is illegal,
 If that is in the mind of the reader it is certainaly not of my intention. 

This blog is primarily to inform the world over agenda 21 and the
 issues I talk on I give my own interpretations all through the blog and 
do not state that all must beleive this. This is my beleifs and it is up
 to your own choice to follow me or not,.


John Christopher Sunol

Pope Pushes Malthusian 

Elite Agenda In Historic Ca

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