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Saturday, 3 January 2015

the pushing of the same sex marriage agenda is only propaganda to such all into this Non debatable argument !!!

the same sex marriage agenda is being pushed as a propaganda war under agenda 21

They are really pushing the same sex marriage agenda big time in the media in Australia. I will give you two examples just today Sunday January 4th 2015

It is coming in mainstream media big time and the homosexual lobby are really doing a Edward Bernay Trick or a Joseph Goebbels trick to get the whole community onside with same sex marriage. 

I will give you two examples on two different media just within 8 hours of each other, this was main stream media and NOT ALTERNATIVE MEDIA BY THE HOMOSEXUAL LOBBY

I often listen to talk back show on 2HD, the same channel that John Laws and other such radio commentators all have a talk back discussion on same sex marriage. Super radio nationwide  They were promoting that it is now 70-30% is  a statistical evaluation of pro to no same sex marriage, 70% of people for same sex marriage, and 30% against. i differ and challenge those figures and I had no credit on my phone to make a call - next time I will and challenge these figures as I do not believe such statistics -statistics are easily manipulated and a survey on such a controversial issue you can not believe unless you do a complete census with everyone and the research methods also need to be looked at.Those pushing the same sex marriage agenda are part of agenda 21

A lot of people do not agree and it is more like 10% of people pro same sex marriage and 90% against - I would believe NOT 70% PRO AND 30% AGAINST. that is a con job and a set up biased survey. 

Then next what also got me very worried was around 4 hours later I was listening to an Australian Female international basketball player and her coach getting interviewed about the training routine

Her coach was a very horsy woman looked Lesbian but that was not the topic of the conversation, it was the training routine for the young woman playing women's basketball and netball on the international scene

What made me angry was at the end of the interview which was a good interview for a sports woman and would encourage all other young girls - the ABC journalist came to mention to the Coach - not the basketball player - that she is now coming out with her lesbian relationship and same sex marriage. Totally inappropriate out of the blue

What a scam this is Edward Bernays in full to use social conditioning to all young sports women to think and believe that a lesbian relationship is great and same sex marriage we must accept.

I call this social conditioning and i will not lie down or take this crap - Same sex marriage is part of agenda 21 and being forced on all.

This is serious, very serious and it must be exposed to all  or it is going to con all people. 

To finish this off I would like to say to the Greens: I will try to become your worst nightmare in Politics, you are living under the curse of Satan as same sex marriage is a is a big deception put out by those who oppose traditional marriage which is A WOMAN LEAVERS HER MOTHER AND FATHER TO BE JOINED TO HER HUSBAND FOR LIFE - and the two shall become one flesh:  That is a woman to a man only - not the lie a man man or a woman woman, Same sex marriage is a curse upon all humanity

This is NOT about love, how on earth can it be love when same sex marriage is NOT equal rights, 
it is living in deception and under a curse of Satan: The two married male, male and woman woman do not have the Holy Spirit in their marriage, they have a spirit of deception and are living in a curse. A curse from Satan

This is my belief, all to their own beliefs but I am not going to change for anyone over this and I will not ever vote Green as they are a curse upon all in the world over this issue

Everyone has the right to their own beliefs so whether you believe me or not that means nothing to me as that is your choice but this is where I stand over the issue of same sex marriage

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Date and time of posting - 3/1/15 - 20.30

this is the Illuminati - and this is also agenda 21

Isis is a curse upon the earth which we must fight, this link will give you some of the publicity taht it is in and where it is at. 

If this is found to be anywhere in Australia it needs to be handed quickly and properly by the appropriate authorities and put in a place where they can hurt no one. 

Also social media is one of their main propaganda efforts for young fighters to be recruited. The reasons I show this from my blog is to counter that so that people can see the reality of this horrific group - these blogs are online for all to see and i tell Isis that I will do Jihad against them as their prophet Muhammad was a war Lord and a child phedeofile who was a very evil man 

This war we are fighting at the moment is a high tech war and social media has a major role

Also brutal training camps by Isis is fueling their victories

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Date and time of posting - 3/1/15 - 20.30

The Illuminati princess and the Satanic agenda !!!

the Satanic agenda under the Illuminati

this is the real agenda coming under the masonic lodge to give it a flavor.

Do NOT fall into the trap and allow this to take you over as Jesus is going to return to the earth very soon - so we must wait and hold fast.

This is the agenda of agenda 21 and this is its end goal - as well as the reasoning behind me writing this blog

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counter Jihad report !!!

Isis is a curse upon the earth which we must fight, this link will give you some of the publicity that it is in and where it is at. 

This will lead into world war 3 which will lead into a one world order

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Friday, 2 January 2015

Bush Fires in South Australia and Victoria could be partly a terrorist attack upon the country: this is bad

Bushfires in Victoria and Adelaide could be seen as domestic terrorism if deliberately started off by individuals or groups 

Victorian bush fires lit by Jihadists

Terrorism is strong and real in the Australian community

What better way of terrorising a community by going out on a hot day lighting fires in Australia

If this is happening by anyone, including the Jihadist and they are caught they need to be treated very harshly 


To come under the scrutiny of the Federal authorities and imprisoned in a set up uncomfortable place to await judgment

They need to be treated by the authorities as possible terrorist, a danger to the whole community and placed in a prison cell as such. 

I put a video online 4 years ago about the Victorian fires, since that i had others take down my videos but I will put back online more videos in the coming months as soon as i get a web cam. 


in the meantime do blogs like this. 

Bush fire could be seen as a way of Jihad in Australia

considering what else is going on in the world,

December 15 Sydney Siege compared with other terror attacks this is the next way that terrorist will act. drive around bushy areas in four wheel drives and start grass fires. 

If this is caught - they need to be treated as a terrorist as fires terrorist communities 

the same with anyone who lights a fire deliberately for any reason what so ever. 

It could even be these people who light fires
if it is found out to be so, then the full force of the anti terrorism law should come into effect and the people who done this should face the music in front of the Courts of Australia and be given untilate wrather of what they (the Australian courts) dish out to Arons who are terrorist terrorising the people. 

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Date and time of posting - 3/1/15 - 16.45

Global challenges and conflicts will carry over into the new year

Yes I expect this to happen and who knows what exactly will happen, the thing is we will have to wait and see. 


i do not expect it to be better than what 2014 was. It more than likely will be the same to being worst

We are living in exciting and history making times to be looked at in the fture historians as times of great social, political, economic and philosophical changes that the earth is going though

this group of isis is very evil and the whole world  must come out in arms and fight this group to the very end, they have to be classified like the Germans and Japanese were in the years 1942-45 after Pearl Harbour.

We are now at world ware 3 and can not longer even contemplating negotiating with isis the only negotiation is surrender and for all members of isis to be captured, thrown in prison and face the worlds court for their crimes against Humanity - our fight to the very last drop of blood

It is now all out after you watching this video I have linked

the reasons I show this that is in these videos below, if a group like Isis (islamic state) does this

Then we are at all out war with Isis and the time for any negotiations is now behind us, we must concentrate on taking this group and affiliates out by the use of force

In ecclesiastes chapter 3 King solomon said there is a time for war but also a time for peace, A time for everything

this I have just shown the whole world makes this a time for war - forget peace as it will not work but let us all pray it comes back another day in the future

(note:  this is also now on a personal basis with me and the people I have been fighting in the Anti discrimination board for many years, this will not end so I am stating this will come to an end and i will not be negotiating, i will fight you mob for as long as it takes to knock you out of this and then only then lies down and rest) 

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