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Saturday, 13 December 2014

Florida City council with an invocation to Satan and Allah - City May and councilors walk out

John Christopher Sunol
Florida city council meeting opens with invocation to
 Satan and Allah

Mayor and councilors walk out. 

All I can state is that if I was in the same situation I would walk out as well. This is totally unacceptable as I will not follow Satan as he is the founder of Agenda 21 and the coming 

This is what is coming in the coming new world order and with the equal opportunities of all religions, all forms of sexuality, all forms of ways of living, Eventually you will be forced to worship Satan on the same plane as Jesus Christ or you will be classed homophobic and racist if you do not - it will be made a crime punishable by imprisonment to be homophobic and not to accept equal opportunities - so all will have no choice but to accept Satanism with that of all other religions. I just will not accept Satanism as that is doom to me and i will rebel against this law when it comes in knowing that Jesus christ will win as this war ins His not mine.

who is worshiped through the false prophet and Pedophile Muhammad - I will remain sternly opposed to all these kinds of philosophical teachings and this only shows that agenda 21 is not equal opportunities. it is satanic and very evil

I give this a five star rating trowards agenda 21 as this is what agenda 21 part of the Satanic movements *****

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Indian man charged with Twitter account inciting people to join Icil

Police arrested a pro-Islamic state twitter account leader

this is great in one sense as Islamic state have waged war on the world and they are the modern day 21st century curse - but in another sense it is not good as this can be used corruptly to stop any of those from ussing twitter to speak against the issues that the government, or people are trying to corruptly force upon all people.

This can be used to take away out sense of right to speak out against corrutpion and rights of free communication - I think this is going to be a strong case put by those in the coming  agenda 21 leadership to force a registration on social media and a control of social media. Social media has power, big power/ power of information which is in reality power over peoples minds. 

There are those in agenda 12 and the Illuminati who want to rob the main groups of people this power and freedom of communication so they are manipulating the social media is such a way that they can tighten up it use and have control over all who use social media

One way of gaining this control is through regulation and registration and I feel given take a very short time this is going to come. 

Not to protect people from online terrorist as a terrorist if not only finds other ways to work 
to control the use of social media and its freedom of expression in such way that the leaders and heads of agenda 21 under the Illuminati can gain full and total control on the world and all who use social media is a necessity for this to happen. 

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Hate crime belongs to the KKK and affliated groups, NOT INNOCENT PEOPLE TERMED AS HOMOPHOBE WHICH IS A CON JOB

The KKK (Klu Klux Clan) are the real hate mongers

NOT THE GROUPS as stereotuped by this under a con job done the world best con artists known as the gay and lesbian rights lobby 



Homophobia is a deliberatly made up term as a con job by the homosexual activist lobbies to be able to use political propaganda and lies to force the ideology of same sex marriage and other homosexual human rights issues which I totaly oppose

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I give this a four star rating towards agenda 21 as this is what agenda 21 will become a hate crime mob ****

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Occults and demons with drawing of the anti christ from 1801

Occults and demons of the Anti Christ drawing from 1801 ( early 19th Century)

this is very real - very real indeed as in 1801 it was during the start of the Napoleonic wars (which I call the first world war really as they covered the whole then known world) which ran from around 
1799 - 1815 on the battle of waterloo). It was also a time of major change in society and one of the changes was the formation of the Illuminati (on May 1 1776 by a Adam Weishaupt) which developed this from ancient writings and came behind Napoleon Bonaparte - in forming the Illuminati and took on the whole world during this time. It was time of massive changes from the medieval to the pre-modern eras and the formation of what was later to be relegated to the 20th and 21st centuries. - I do not believe the socialist thought really started with Carl Marx but started with the French Revolution if 1789-1799 and by the writings of Adam Weishaupt in the late 18th and early 19th Century - this is the start of the modern day Illuminati and the communist and socialist troubles which came in the last 19th and early 20th centuries and were delegated wrongly to Carl Marx starting the philosophical teachings of socialism. 

 The world was at was during this time, the Napoleonic wars was raging and this was the formation of what is more commonly known as the modern day Illuminati which took on this symbolism and formed it towards agenda 21 or a coming new world order

So this is in the modern roots of agenda 21 and it is what the coming new world order is really about. 

It comes from Occultish figures taken out of ancient history layered with secret societies to bring on a one world leader

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Agenda 21 education is going to be one tool to get the masses

Agenda 21 will try to control the masses by education to start with. 
This will be biased but still education

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I give this a four star rating towards agenda 21 **** as this is what agenda 21 will do, educated everyone that is willing to follow it into belief of its lies. 

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Article posted at 16.00 December 14 2014

Jury wants life for Killer of lakeside Man

Jury wants life for Killer of Lakeside Man

I agree with this, I beleive that anyone who kills in cold blood and takes another's life for reasons to do with Greed, hatred or anything of such should get a mandatory life sentence/ This is not only punishment but it will send out a message to the community that you just do not kill anyone in cold blood without getting the just results for doing such - we get paid for our actions and the payment for murder in cold blood should be mandatory life in prison. 

Any person tho takes another life on cold blood should be locked up and never released as he has taken another persons life and this should be laid down in statutory law that this is mandatory after they have been found guilty of 1st degree murder through the courts - and this must be no less than Supreme court

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Article posted at 7.15 December 14 2014

Nato is pulling out of Afghanistan by November 2014

Nato pulling out of Afghanistan by November 2015 

I think we have another situation like in Syria and Iraq with Isis coming into afghanistan due to the Taliban not being knocked out but going underground and on the offensive. I think the Taliban is going to come back even more angry and I can see big trouble in this. 

I know that Nato can not stay in Afghanistan as there is to many conflicts in the world today 
this does relay a big problem and unless we get a world take over I can not see the violence in the world today going away in the near future. If anything it is going to get worst

to see the documents which relate to this story of Nato pulling out of Afghanistan after 12 years in this conflict

I give this a four star rating **** towards agenda 21 as I do not see any other way out of this at the moment without the rise of a one world government under agenda 21. I am not in favor of this as i know what agenda 21 is but I think this is going to happen in the future. 

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Friday, 12 December 2014

Sci Fi is here, the United states successfully tested laser weapons in the persian gulf

The testing of Laser weapons by the United states navy

look at this will you all please, this is the start of what was once only delegated to the sci fi films and magazines now becoming reality

Interesting for all to watch and see this link

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Article posted at 20.35 December 12 2014

this clown is mixed up with the anti christ

this clown I feel is mixed up with the anti christ

He even put big advertisements in all the world news papers back in 1982 April 25th 
the christ is now here !!!
The infamous worldwide ads proclaiming THE CHRIST IS NOW HERE ran April 25, 1982.  Ten days later, "the movement" was equally surprised by a page and a half picture story the DETROIT FREE PRESS ran on my work.  The author was Detroit reporter Ruth Seymour who had formerly reported favorably on the New Age Movement but experienced to the unhappiness of the local New Age community her own reverse "Paradigm Shift."

headed off by a scottish mean, Benjamin Creme

The christ is now here:

He is still around

I give this a 5 star + towards agenda 21 ***** + as this is all directly related to agenda 21 and the coming new world order. 

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Article posted at 20.35 December 12 2014

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Sunday still at war despite independence

Sunday still at war despite independence

this war was nothing to do with independence, it is religious based and it is radical Islamic groups wanting to take over and force all christians to change religions, This does not only count on chrsitians but can be put at all religions other than the form of radical islamic extremists that are fighting for a Sunni caliphate or sharia law. 

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I give this a three star rating towards agenda 21 *** as this sort of activity is going to bring agenda 21 on to bring a peace to the world, let it be temporary but it will look like a peace to all

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Article posted at 17.45 December 12 2014

John Christopher Sunol - ex taxi driver failed in His bid to become a bus driver

Yes I did fail this time in my bid to become a bus driver and I was not given back my taxi authority


that was because certain people set me up and told lies over me and lobbied politicians corruptly to accuse me of what I did not do.

I am a victim of abuse of the Anti vilification laws and this prove that to be so.

I will fight back and try again to get these licences back and those that told lies, committed purger y and perversion of the cause of justice I am putting on watch, 

Just know this the fight is not over yet and I am still to come back 


I will be given back my taxi authority and bus lisence, 

You mob whom I will not mention will be brought to account for your corrupt dealing with government officials and the lies you told the authorities to get me to loose.

I promise all member of those who oppose me, 

the homosexual lobby groups 

this is only the first round and next time you may not be as successful

when I an go to a public libary and be on a public computer and pull up THIS: !!!

when I can go to a public computer and pull up this without even signing in on my google account I use all the time. 

It means that I can not hide from anyone in the world 

So now I will go public and let all see the truth that I have to offer

to see this which is publicity on me go and 

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