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I have a very powerful testimony of my life to put out ???

John Christopher Sunol
17th April 1957

early life

I have a very powerful testimony to tell about my life and how this interacts with others lives.

the main thrust of this testimony is that what we do today will impact upon us for years down into teh future and what we do could help change others lives and have a very important interaction on things to come. 

I am not looking at my younger years as that came from a happy family of 5 boys, myself and my four younger brothers who lived a normal child hood in a semi rural - holiday area and outer suburban area of West Lake MacQuarie in the city of Lake MAcQuarie next to Newcastle (NSW) Wanit Wangi - born in Melbourne but only lived there to (1962) at the age of 5, then moved to Lake MAcQuarie (Wangi Wangi) for the rest of my younger life. Later on in the years (1988) I shifted into Waratah West in a suburban area of Newcastle and settled in this place up until today

As a Young child I was a christian and gave my life to the Lord around the age of 12 
at 16 years of age in (April 1973) I left home and went to Western Australia for 12 months (Freemantle) when i joined the Royal Australian Navy (Australian Defence forces)  as a Junior recruit. 

for the first 18 months - 2 years I went along with the others and was a good worker - attending the chapels on base and going along OK. 

But I was weak in a couple of area one of being that it was my attraction to the Opposite sex (woman) I wanted a girlfriend so badly that I would do anything. I ended up going to the Wet canteen with the other sailors and one day when in the wet canteen in HMAS Albatross in 1975 close to 2 years after joining - a couple of the other sailors thought it was funny to get me drunk and they got a female sailor to sit on my lap and brought me lemon squash - with a slight nip of gin in it. 

I had never drunk before as I had been going to AA meeting with my mother from a small child and my effects from a strong christian background (I went to the Old fashion Methodist - my mother was presbyterian and my father was Roman Catholic - plus I went to the low evangelical church of England church whilst I spent my time in the Navy.  

Getting drunk was the fatal blow as it put me into a dunkard for the next 2 and a half years in a mess - and my hunger for woman during this time took me into the prostitute scene and I became addicted to Brothels and prostitutes. I had plenty of money due to being a sailor we went to sea for up to 3-4 weeks at a time and could save our pay with two days in shore to spend it. 

This turned out to be  fatal and put me on the wrong path

I went downhill but had a good job and plenty of money as a sailor druing this time but I was not wise and did not store up for later life - I spent all I had looking on a shoft term basis and did not look at the long term goals of later in life. 

To cut a long story short one day in September 1977 I made a fatal mistake which was to result in my discharge over issues that led to me being not of suitable character 
to go to sea with other men or be in the military services. 

I had just come back from a 6 month tour to Europe and England (Queens Jubilee - Portsmith in the UK 1977) and on the way home the ship (Australian Aircraft carrier) docked into the City of Melbourne Port Melbourne after it had been to Fremantle WA coming back from Europe - I went a short spin that night and got drunk and done a number of silly things that I was to regret. 

I came back to the ship drunk not knowing what I had done but apparently I had been putting graffiti all over private cars, houses, building and other public infrastructure the Captains of the ships name - where I was based - and stating that he was a good, guy and making a utter mess of myself. 

The Victorian Police got hold of this, they did not arrest me or charge me as I was not violent and made it back to the ship safely but they put a report and photos of the graffiti to the executive officer of the HMAS Melbourne - he was not impressed one little bit at all. 

I was called up to answer these accusations by the NAVY and all I could do was apologize  and promise not to do that again. After three months the heads of the Navy on the recommendation from the officer in charge of the HMAS Melbourne I was on when this incident happened in Melbourne then decided that I was not a suitable person to be in the navy so he put in for my discharge on unsuitable grounds. 

This was devastating to me as I did not want to get a discharged, I like my life in the navy 
knew this was my own fault and all I could do is accpet it and I humbled myself and accepted it. 

I ended up getting drafted back to HMAS Leeuwin in Fremantle and 3 months later on the 28th January 1978 I was discharged early after chose on to 5 years service. I got my money and my discharge papers as this discharge was on the basis that I was emotionally unsuitable for the NAVY and this did not hinder me in other areas. 

Life after discharge from the Royal Australian Navy

On arriving back in Newcastle I got a job at the BHP within one week. This was in January 1978 and during these times it was relatively easy for me to get week I got a job within a week of discharge from the Devence forces

My money was bigger than in the NAVY and I was led by others who goe me to go and do more stupid things. It was my fault but also through listening to others who wanted you to play the ways of the world and go out and get drunk with them. I  went to be a drunk very upset over my discharge from the previous job and this happened  until I was in a motor vehicle accident on the 7th July 1978 when i came close to death. 

During this time I tried to get my drivers liscence but due to my times of drunken state in the NAVY and doing stupid things I was not given a drivers license until years later. I even drove a car to adelaide which I brought with the money I had from my previous job and spent a week in Broken Hill as the old car broke down in the deserts between Broken Hill and South Australian border. 

I knew where I had gone astray as from my christianity as a young child and this brought me back to the Lord after a very near death situation. I then at home straighened up my life but the urge for a girl freind which I never has was still strong. 


this time I had Jesus Christ by myself to get through my urges. 

After around 1985 when I met the woman who I was to marry and be the next stage of my life

After a period of trouble I ended up meeting the woman who was to be my wife up to today (not in the churches as I had wished but  outisde the church as she use to work in a take away shop owned by a Greek family very well known for their fish and chip shops.  I met my wife over a persiod of five years - which others did not recommend when I mixed with my own circle of freinds during this time. My circle of Friends and the people she mixed among were not the same and two seperate groups, I was with church people who through that the only place for boy to meet girl in the christian church was in the church) So in essence I had to go out of my own circle of people to meet the woman who was to become my wife - then come into the church with me and bring her people in with her to the church I went to. 

I was at a fairly large church in Hamilton in newcastle but at this church, some people found out about my seedy few years in the Navy and took me to be as I was not. God then brought around another section to my life where a pastor from a small Italian family church asked me to go to his  church in Waratah West - during this time it was an Italian Family as I had done bible college training for three years in the church from Hamilton where I WAS DOING VOLUNTARY work and bible college for the 7 years I was going there (1981-1988)

I had met thd woman who was to become my wife but I was to much in fear to take her to teh church I was going to in Hamilton as others who took the wrong perceptions would step in and state taht they know the truth about me when they really knew nothing at all. It was not working out as others knew of my navy days - but were not part of this and only went on hearsay and they moved against me - I went with this Italian Pastor and he suggested that I get married as this could help relieve my emotional problems with woman. 

Against the advice of others who were riducling me and taking me to be a fool from before in my life after my salad days I got marreied to my wife of today - she was around 4 years older than me but that was no problem I was 33 when I got married and she was 37. 
(I was married o 7th July 1990)

From this I got involved with the Filipino community in newcastle which I had never had much to do with before. Due to my evangelical training as a young boy and my years of bible college at the bigger church (Pentecostal - Assemblies of God bible college)  I went out to start a new church with the Filipino community. These people I met only because of me marrying my wife who was also a Filipino and during these times Filipino's mixed with one another in their own groups. I met a pastor travelling through newcastle in the Mall one day named Domingo (Jun) "" ""  and he came with me to meet others in this community We ended up starting work again with a small amount of this group of people which had out very first meetings in the Migrant resource centre in Hamilton in 1992. 

I wanted this group to start up with the Assemblies of God where I was with the Italian pastor but the other Filipino Pastor had a different view point and it started from a big Baptist church in a suburb of Lake McQuarried called Charlestown, WE started with around 7 prominent people from teh Philipino groups and one other Filipino woman who was with the four Square church during this time who I met through this pastor which I had met a couple of months earlier and he went around the groups evangelizing.

so if I had not have gone against advice and gone on my own way I would never had met this pastor (Jun) **** he weould have went to Sydney and the chain would not have started for this Filipino group to start. Then the 8 poeploe that came to our first service would not have happened and this other Filipino woman from the University who was single at this time - she got married a couple of yuars later to a man she knew from child hood in the Filipino would not have changed from Four Square to Assemblies of God and helped us start this small group.

In Sydney they have one or two fair size four Square churches with Pure Filipino congreations which is totaly different than in newcastle as the Filipinos in newcastle are in cross cultural marriage, often with european or Australian white husbands who have been married before with different probloems. The Four Square in Sydney is pure Filipino marriages from the one culture. 

So the work we were starting during this time in newcastle was entirely different and my own marriage was to be the same as in newcastle, 


I never knew untill later that my wifes family came out of a strong Baptist and evangelical background with a Roman Catholic child hood as she told me nothing until we got married. The family she was working with were from a strong Greek Orthodox family which she was part of before I married her. Thie Greek family I will not go into but it was from a different culture again which was involved in issues that I was mixed in during my salad former years in the Navy as a teenager. 

the next stage of my life after Marriage 

This was to be the next formal part of my life which was to be a very powerful testimony in itself. 

during this next stages in my life my dreams as a younger child were being fulfilled, I was accepted in TAFE where I completed a couple of advanced level certificates and diplomas,  then the University of New England in 1994 to do a Bachelor of social science where I done two subjects successfully and transferred over to the University of Newcastle in a Bachelor of social science I was to spend the next three years in the University of newcastle completing my bachelor degree in the social sceince (which I wanted always to do as a child as I was very interested in the sciences) During this time I had also completed an Associate diploma in social sciences from TAFE, I was about to complete a Diploma of Marketing Management TAFE, Certificate 3 in public relations and a certificate 4 in drug  and alchol work Going back to my younger life I always had the wish to do tertiary study at University level, was put down since leaving the navy and told by all around me that i would amount to nothing, but I decided different for myself and got myself going against all odds and came out completing a Masters degre from the University of Woolongong in 2005 against all odd of others attacking me - that I would be lucky to complete a simple level 2 certificate at TAFE some years earlier, i started out at bible college to prove these people wrong,.  If you have God on your side no one can tell you that God is wrong and they know the difference as it will never work out for those who do such a thing - what is in God will for your life if you are genuine will come to pass and nothing can stop that except yourself if you go out of his will

In 2001 I started on business and transferred university studies from the social science to markeing which is realy the social sceinces coming from a business perspective at Post Grad level, Graduate certificate in the University of Newcastle, then upon graduating with the advanced post graduate certificate I was accepted into a master of commerce program at the university of Wollongong university south of Sydney

Time at Woolongong University

this was the next major change in my life, My wife stayed in newcastle and I travelled from Newcastle to Woolongong by train everyday or 4-5 times per week untill it got to much for me. This helped me meet other people, - one was a chinese student by the name of Lucy (or Quinji) in chinese and others which got me into the chinese community and other communities I never had been to before. I was also in need of self support so I started driving taxis which was to carry on up to newcastle when i came back. 

If it was not going to woolongong I would not have started to drive taxi cabs even though years before I had the desire to but was not well enough to go down that road. 

From this I got my maters degree and fulfilled my ambitions of a child to do postgraduate study at University in some academic discipline which was not exactly where I wanted but it still fulfilled me/ A masters degree in a business related field is no mean feat not everyone is able to do that and I had completed it

I still had troubles but and people were working against me all the more now I had obtained some success and I had people telling lies to the authorities to get me in trouble all of the time. In the taxi I had numersouse false complaints. 

From Wollongong University I got some trouble come out of a University lecturer who was homosexual and listened to lies told about me, carried these lies on to the courts and then started up another hard chapter in my life was where I was going in and out of court all of the time on false accusations put by others. This man made several unsuccessful attempts to get me out of the taxi but died in 2010. When he died I though that this time of hardship had all finished but another who was worst came along and took on the same issues. 

times of troubles in the civil tribunals and courts over false accusations by others

I have had enemies all my life, from the beginning I had people work against me over a girlfriend - but this ultimately failed and I was married to a woman - I had to go outside my own circle of freinds during this time into another culture and groups but all the circumstances all lined up right and it ended up that my wifes culture and my family I did not know (My fathers family which were Spanish) all lined up so God knows best and if you let him to the work for you, you always come out the winner.  If you allow God to work for you in selection of partner you will always succeed - God does NOT select sinful categories, - eg another mans wife, a child to young or some one of the same sex as that is an abomination to him and makes him furious a those who race into this sinful act which is really an abomination to God. God does NOT bless abominations and all will not succeed for such - other than that it is a curse upon all who accept it as same sex marriage is a sinful act performed before God

This time all reports were false - unlike where years earlier in my Naval career as a young man I was the one who did wrong. The second time I had others tell lies to take away my taxi authority as they did not agree with my christianity and they wanted to take me out a they could see me a threat.

In another area as for education, i was told all my life younger that I could not get past year 10 at primary school and put down but this was proven wrong when I graduated with a Masters Degree at Woolongong University in 2006. 

After 2005 - when I had finished my masters degree and could not easily find a job I drove taxis and run my own business. 

My enemies came back at me and told multiple lies to the Ministry of transport and over the years they pressed for me to be made a not a fit and proper person which was wrong, it was only the stereotyping of another and other peoples lies. After some time in 2012 I had a supreme court case over one of these blatant liars I stopped driving as I got sick. i tried to come back driving again in 2014 but more lies weretold and the false court case with the getting court decisions against me based on lies caused me to have my taxi authority cancelled.

I am now still fighting and I have further things to go on. 

conclusion of this part of my life testimony

this is still to go on but this give you an account of how you act today can have serious repercussions in future times which you might not be able to see at the time of your decisions

This testimony is a life time experience and I will add more to it as time goes on and come back to this regularly to do changes as needed

Keep in touch to find out more as I change it as i am keeping this online so I can go back and add to the story as more comes up and the future evolved.

to be continued and draft only

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