GENEVA (AP) A U.N. commission on Syrian war crimes is sounding the alarm that the entire region is on the brink of war.
In its latest report Tuesday to the U.N. Human Rights Council, the commission said "a regional war in the Middle East draws ever closer" as Sunni insurgents advance across Iraq to control areas bridging the Iraq-Syria frontier drawing in Washington and Tehran.

this is very quickly becoming a global war and I believe it is at flashpoint to become the start of world war 3, 

if not worst and the war that we have dreaded all along

We need to sort this out mediately or it will create world wide Chaos

My own comments towards the coming of Agenda 21, I give this a 
*** star rating and close to 4 star as I believe that this could be one of the reasons why agenda 21 is in the state of coming - to bring us out of this. 

Published by John Christopher Sunol 6.50 on Wednesday June 18th 2014