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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Illuminati brotherhood form in Nigeria

this group is going to head off agenda 21 and is all over the world, I think as well they are linked to the kidnapping of girls by Boko Haram for sale to give them a reason to rise as the saviors of Nigeria from child sex Slavery - this would give them unprecedented power.

If the Illuminati was part of the United states special forces that hunt down those in Boko Haram that kidnapped young girls and sole them for sex slavery, that would make them world hero's and agenda 21 would have great power. 

I believe that this is a scam and the Illuminati are part of the scam to set up a hero action to take over the world 


I also believe those in Boko Haram who done such evil as Kidnap girls to sell for sex slavery should be hunted down the all military and police in the world, when caught frogg marched in chains to the international courts and made face the music for doing such monstrous criminal actions. 

Then outlaw Boko Haram and close it down by arresting with force all members of this terrorist group

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Published by John Christopher Sunol at 15.50 on Thursday May 8th 2014

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