Thursday, 29 May 2014

Attacks upon me:

this is false attacks upon me from those trouble makers off zgeek

I intend to fight this back and put forth the truth. 

I will also be getting a new computer soon and I will get a web cam and Skype with it. 

I want to go viral for the whole world to see

I want to also make this stand out to those who took me to court and set me up.

If you want me off the net - well then buster - you have failed as you have given me enough time to sit on a computer all day and hammer home my blogs

Just watch my statistics and do a statistical review and look at the amount of hits I was getting when I was very busy running my own taxi and operating


compare it to the amount of hits I get today. 

I leave statistics to make this possible for you all and I tell all that these statistics are 100$ accurate as they come of my stats package which is on Google blogger.

You will see I have a lot more time to get more hits as I am on the computer every day all of the time


from home in Waratah and from the public libraries.

I am not going to stop and their is not a think that you can do to stop me apart from getting me locked up which will not happen as i have broken no law

I may not be working or driving a taxi but I am NOT short of money as I get new start and have no rent. I own my own home, I have for many years, since  1988 when i brought it out of cash I had from a compensation case for $120,000. Now it is well and truly worth over $500,000 with very little debt I can sit back and relax and write to the net. 

So unless I was forced to sell which will not happen as I have the money in trust through a shelf company on the ownership of the home you get nothing and give me more time than I ever had to do what you do not like. 

So your strategy has backfired on you to stop me form writing to the net as I have not stopped. I only have more time to work on what I like now I am not working. 

So go back to bed and cry poor me but forget it if you want me off line as it ain't going to happen

I have said enought now so i will go ahead with what I want and deliberately ignore those who want me to stop.

Writing this with pleasure 

Published by John Christopher Sunol 19.15 on Thursday May 29th 2014

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