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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

I beleive the Anti Christ will be a homosexual supporter and the mail line teaching will come from Political correctness or Cultural Marxism

this is a story from the book of Daniel, the forerunner of this Anti Christ was Antioch's Epiphases, 177BC to 164BC worst man ever to rule the earth and put a pigs head on and forced the Maccabees to have sex with temple prostitutes on God Tabernacle, also worshiped in Homosexual orgies over the Holy of Holies in the Jewish temple,  

He came out of the Greek, Alexander the Greats line, not the Roman and was so bad that he was seen as the precursor of the Anti Christ sill yet to come

This is a precursor to the Anti Christ will to come

I believe that the Anti Christ, if not homosexual will endorse same sex marriage to get onside with those that support this. 

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol

the Totalitarianism of same sex Marriage

I can not go much harsher but this is where we are going with same sex marriage and safe schools program. Let us reject same sex marriage before it is to late and oppose this. 

Also the Safe Schools program is not safe at all, it is indoctrination of our youth by a communist/Nazi system that wants to take over the world in a totalitarian style state. 

Published and written by John Christopher Sunol

What is wrong with the Safe Schools Program

Safe Schools program 
The reality of same sex marriage which goes along side the Safe Schools program 

Evoking Marxism has some problems in safe schools program
(this has not a thing to do with safe schools or protection, this is all about indoctrination into a communist/Fascist style of system that existed in the early 20th Century) 

this is part of the cultural Marxist left wing Political agenda to push in appropriate teaching into schools, to indoctrinate school children with teachings on sexuality. This is similar to what Joseph Stalin did to the youth in early communist Russia after the Bolshevik Revolution. 

We must not have this and we need to get up and speak out against those agitators who are in minority from pushing  upon us a political agenda which would be adverse to the General society. 

This is what the homosexual lobby want to push onto our youths in school to bring up what is going to be in future a homosexual, dictatorship modelled off Stalinist or Nazism. Both of these Philosophies are socialist Philosophies which is being resurrected in the form of Cultural Marxism which is looking for equal rights in sexuality, as this is the only area left which is not taken into account fully We must see this coming now and bit it in the butt even before it gets off the ground and we do not go down that road. 

This is coming in an area of Political correctness which is a terminology for Cultural Marxism which is the same philosophy that both Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler introduced in the 20th century.  around 100 years ago.

This must get out to all the road we are heading down if we allow Homosexual rights to take over and gain control and power over all. This has nothing to do with equality, this is the Resurrection of a totalitarian system using different themes to bring back a old oppressive set of power play that was used in the early 20th Century

This must go all over the internet and the world to show people that we do not needs to go down old power play path which is highlighting the dictatorial situations in the 20th Century

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol

This is Neo Nazism coming to the world today 

Star Wars or weapons of Space is already here !!!

This is fact and what use to be science fiction is now science fact. Technology is getting more sci fi like as it goes along and times comes up. This is happening quickly. Just look around and you will see. 

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol

Europe ready for the Anti Christ ???

I feel that the whole world is getting ready for the coming Anti Christ. Not only Europe

I will write on this as it comes up and now my PC is back online I can do that all from home. 

Written and Published by John Christopher Sunol

My Pc is back online which makes it one site easier for me to write online

I have my PC working at home now and i will be writing all of the time every day to this blog. I wish to dedicate my life to destroying this legislation and I will lobby against it continually

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol

(I am going to work towards that) 

Political correctness and Cultural Marxism / Frankfurt_School of social thought - how it all began

We all need to take note. this is where same sex marriage originates from with that of Homosexual rights Groups.

This is all Politics and nothing to do with love 
Talking about love is Only a cop out to push a political agenda

This is purely part of the Greater Political agenda of the New World Order, or left wing Cultural Marxism

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol 

Left wing wins in Austria - Frankfurt School of Social thought


This is not good it is bad as Cultural Marxism represents Gay rights and same sex marriage andother such activities that Promote social change which is going to destroy society in a Cultural Marxist totalitarian dictatorship which supports Homosexual rights

I beleive this could Become a totalitarian state and represent the Apocalypse

Published and written by John Christopher Sunol 

Monday, 5 December 2016

This is a new message to John M and Beanie Hynes

I am sick of idiots online backing those who take me to court and I am going to fight back from now on. I will publish message you lot do not like and put what I like online, you lot can go and do your own thing but leave me along or else.
This is my final word

doing this with pleasure

Yours John Christopher Sunol

NB: John M and Beanie Hynes are both guttless wimps that lack the courage to take me on 

NB: a Stern Message to John M, Beanie Hynes and any other who wants to bugger me around. 

I now have my PC at home working so I do not need to wait until I go to the Public Library to delete your comments any more. 

I officially ban you trolls from writing on my blog and I will delete your comments all of the time. 

You want war, You got it buster and you have no effect upon me. ???

Internet Trolls attacking me - I have had a gut full of it, I am not going off the net, I am deleting and blocking you all, especialy that John M who is exceptionaly bad and a Troll

John M, and Beanie Hynes, I am banning you from commenting on my blog and will fight you to the day I die. I will not give in and if you want to have it out, then let us do that as I am not a person to give into internet trolls. 

This is the last Waring, bug off, stay out of this or we will go bull ball at each other.

If I get any trolls back I am not going off line, I am banning those idiots and taking them on full scale and all out

The main message I need to put on this blog post is that internet trolls are usually Psychopaths (like the John M that is attacking me and this) that get their kicks out of creating trouble and attacking people. 

I will not tolerate this and expose them all for what they realy are
a bunch of trouble makers who get kicks out of creating trouble online. 

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol

How did Donald Trump react to the death of Fidel Castro

Just as I thought, Fidel Castro a brutal dictator but there are many others that as president elect he will have to deal with.One by the name of Kim Jon Un from North Korea whome I beleive to be worse than Fidel Castro.

I have no choice But to agree with Donald Trump over these issues: history will make its judgment 

Published and written by John Christopher Sunol 


The story of Castro the LAST communist Tyrant

 I him as one of the big names in the 20th  Century. (North Korea is a monster compared to Cuba) This proves that we all one day come to an end of this life no matter who we are or how famous we are, after death we all meet God, so we have to prepare ourselves for this as it is inevitable for all on this earth. 

The coming Homosexual dictatorship under Political correctness will also be far worst than Castro ever was

This story is of Castro who dies at the age of 90.

Written and Published by John Christopher sunol 

All needto read this. United States and China prepare for war

This is very serious and we need to keep tabs on this. China is a very powerful  amd a super power today. 

China is  a power to be reckoned with as it is a very powerful nation

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol