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Thursday, 23 March 2017

What do we want, the Government to concentrate on terrorism protection / or on two poofters getting married

Terrorism is one of the top priorities of the Federal and state Governments, above all else with what is going on around the world. 

Just think of this, what would you rather the government to concentrate on terrorism issues and protecting the people


Gay Marriage (two poofters or lesbians getting married.) In these times of danger we must get out priorities right, 

Just stop and think about this

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol

London Terrorist named: 52 year old ISIS supporter:Khaled Masood

This is bad and notgood, Islamic State is loosing Syria and Iraq but I think that Islamic State is going to spread terrorism world wide in home Grown Jihadist groups. 

I hate to say it, but I feel that  more will happen over the coming months and years?

The weapon of preference to These Terror groups is looking like a Motor vehicle driving into large crowd - Weapons of Choice for Terror groups

This could make it harder to obtain a Motor vehicle liscence and eventually you may need a criminal history check just to get a driver's license 


Written and published by John Christopher Sunol 

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Terror attacks planned but foiled by police in Australia

There has already been a number of failed attermps in Sydney (and other places) in Australia but all we need is one to suceed and the terrorist win.

This happened in a minor way with the Sydney Seige With man Monus but next time it could be worst. 

It could be a large event or controversial public event for minority groups. 
(Such as Sydney Mardi Gras)

This makes me beleive we need Top line terrorist prison camps in Australian deserts 1,000's of kilometers from civilzation with soecialy trained prison Gards by the ADF (Australia military trained Prison Gauds)

I state is it better for the goverment to concentrate on national security from terror atttacks


To waste its time on concentrating on fullfilling the desire for two Pooftas or Lesbians getting married

Think about this and make up your mind what you think is the, most important issue for the Government to discuss. 

That is why We need to rely on groups likr ASIO for our Nations protection

Written and Published by John Christopher Sunol 

London under attack by terrorist (Lone Wolf)

To me this is an attack of war on the British people as this attack was:
We are officialy now  at war and this will have servere consequences for all. 

We could find that alot more restrictions will come upon us. 

If this is found to be Islamic Terrorism we need to consider restricting the Koran if not banning it as I see the Koran as only a terrorist manual 

If during the dark days of the London blitz 1940-1944/5 the Mein Kampf was banned. In the same way the Koran (Written by the war lord and child Phedofelia advocate "so called phrophet" Muhummad) should be banned or at least heavily restricted as we are  at war with Islamic Radicals and I say 
"Islam itself"

As a special note: I can see seeing that motor vehicles are being used as a weapon, you may need a police clearence and criminal record check in future toeven get a motor vehicle  liscence 

Written and Published by John Christopher Sunol 

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Do we need a same sex marriage plebiscite to get peoples real approval of same sex marriage ????

On ABC morning show this morning Tanya Plebisec from the Labor Part was explaining why we do not need a plebiscite or referendum for the people to give theit real opinion. 

I wish say this to all my readers, my opinion is very different from the Labor and Green parties,

People have the right to to say no to the same sex marriage  before it is legislated. "Or even register their own personal support for same sex marriage before it is legislated upon". 
The only way that the people can have this say is through a plebiscite with only two compulsory answers in a closed questionnaire, 

"Do you realy agree and then accept Same-sex-marriage "
Tick a box of your choice 
1. Yes
2. No

 as an optional open qualitative  question 
You may like to give your personal reason,



Either yes or no to same sex marriage for all Australians in a plebiscite. 

this is the only way we can knock of this very divisive issue. 

All else is propaganda from the Marriage Equality Advocates and the Homosexual rights Lobby
to push for same sex marriage as they know it may not be passed if we allow all people to have a say:
When it is a parliamentary vote only they can force this issue on all Australians in an Undemocratic totalitarian way. 

A totalitarian state does NOT WANT THE PEOPLE TO HAVE A SAY and the Cultural Marxist agenda behind same sex marriage is Communism/Stalin ism/Nazism acting out today in the same sex marriage debate. 

This can be seen with the fervent response of the Marriage Equality groups and others for a vote of politicians and denial of the Australian people to have some say on this. 

Marriage Equality groups are denying Australians the right to say NO TO SAME SEX MARRIAGE, thus acting dictatorial to bring on a homosexual dictatorial state eventually and force Marriage equality upon all regardless of their beliefs, race or color.

Eventually a list of homophobes will be made out to make life difficult for it, churches will be banned and forced to marry homosexuals in same sex marriage and those not in favor of same sex marriage will be chastised, ostracized and persecuted/case out.

Catherine Burns could be the next NSW Police Commissioner

This may happen but I hope and pray that she does not due to the connections I have with Luke Mckee in Vietnam. I can not say to much on this due to court orders but if you want to know why, then feel free to email Luke McKee and ask him why, I back Luke McKee over this matter fully as I know that he is the victim of rampart Political corruption.  

Because of the contract I have with Luke Mckee I feel that this Deputy Police Commissioner could hold me in the same light as Luke. This comes from my Past civil court (Tribunal ) cases

Phone me on 0468 309 091 and I will tell you more
Email Luke McKee

Written and Published by John Christopher Sunol